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   Men's Treatments  

Please note:  all full body massages for men exclude chest and stomach area and are carried out at the discretion of the therapist.

Stone Therapy Massage

The ancient art of stone massage using Basalt lava stones massage techniques and hot stones give instant relaxation as the warmth radiates through the body.








Indian Head massage

This massage eases tension and gives a sense of relaxation, well-being and peace. Headaches and heaviness are relieved, muscles un-knotted and other parts of the body respond to this relaxed state. Scalp massage revitalses circulation at the roots and oil nourishes the living growing hair.

1 Hour Full Body        £42.00

30 mins Back only    £24.00


45 Minutes         £32.00


Swedish Body Massage

This energising massage relieves tired muscles leaving you feeling revitalised.






Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Directly targets tension in muscular areas of the back and shoulders.






Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage using a customised blend of essential oils bringing balance and harmony to your mind and body. 


1 Hour Full Body        £38.00


30 Minutes           £24.00


1 Hour Full Body        £38.00


Waxing:    Chest ... £23.00    Back &Shoulders ... £23.00   Eyebrow Wax ... £  8.00     Manicure: (30 minutes) ... £15.00

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